Businesses in Kista

Kista Science City continues to increase in popularity amongst ICT-companies in Sweden. More and more companies move here due to proven strong local growth, modern office buildings with energy optimization and low rental costs that in turn provide companies with bigger office spaces. Many of the larger ICT-companies regard Kista Science City as a living ecosystem and consider it an important location to work and do business.

Ericsson, a world leader in the ICT arena, has its headquarter in Kista Science City and invests substantial sums in research and development each year and its number of patents exceeds 35 000. Huawei, on of Sweden’s biggest companies in scientific reserach and development, also has its headquarter in Kista Science City.

Below you can find an assortment of some of the big name businesses who have chosen Kista Science City as their home  – and more of them are on their way!

Companies in Kista
Companies in Kista

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