Urban ICT Arena

Urban ICT Arena is an open testbed and co-creation arena in Kista where digitization can be devloped, tested and displayed in an urban environment. In this arena, new and innovative partnerships can evolve and flourish, furthering the development of the Stockholm Region and Kista Science City.

The overall goals to be achieved within the Urban ICT Arena are within the following areas:

  • Sustainable Cities
  • Strengthening the Innovation in the region
  • Ensuring future jobs

The founding partners of the initiative are Ericsson AB, IBM Svenska AB, the Royal Institute of Technology, the Institution of Computer and Systems Science at the University of Stockholm, the City of Stockholm, Stockholm County Administrative Board and Swedish ICT.

Kista Science City AB will contribute to the initiative as a Project Facilitator and Project Coordinator and Stokab will provide and deploy the dark fiber infrastructure. On top of this base IT-infrastructure 6LoWPAN, WiFi, 5G will be added on.


The Agreement was signed by the Founding Partners in December 2015. During Spring of 2016 the Pilot Projects will start, the testbed will become inaugurated and the website www.urbanictarena.se will be launched. Stay tuned!

Go to web www.urbanictarena.se or follow Urban ICT Arena on Twitter: @UrbanICTArena

Article written by Kista Science City