Urban Development

Kista was built around 40 years ago and the area has with time gained a high reputation, both in Sweden and globally. Since 2010 there are several planning and construction project undergoing in order Kista to further develop the area.The development is much in line with the City of Stockholm’s vision where Kista is pointed out as an important area for the rest of the city’s success.


  • To provide new and existing business in Kista with great possibilities for expansion in a dynamic urban environment.
  • To strengthen the integration between business between housing and business areas in Kista.

What is Kista today?

A new Kista has emerged and is still developing. The new Kista an alive and an urban environment with new homes, new streets, pedestrian and cycle paths, squares, meeting places, commercial street, and a wider range of services.

Who is building?

Familjebostäder, Ikano Bostad, JM, Klövern, Borätt, Atrium Ljungberg, Einar Mattsson, NCC, Åke Sundvall, Vasakronan, Veidekke, Folkhem och BORIS.

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Article written by Kista Science City