The aim of UPSIDE (User-driven Participatory Solutions for Innovation in Digitally-centred Ecosystems) is to foster the convergence of the digital research and innovation agendas and to foster societal benefits. It does so by promoting the development of cooperation frameworks and synergy linkages between research, innovation activities within the SME’s as well as open innovation, urban development policies and open user-driven innovation ecosystems. Linked to the Digital Agenda for Europe and within the strategic application areas; ICT for environment, eHealth, Intelligent Transport Systems, the UPSIDE partners will contribute societal ICT-enabled benefits.

Kista Science City is a partner to UPSIDE and will contribute to the project by making an ITS test bed available to the partners. Kista Science City’s experience in both regional, national and European ICT activities will support the project. Kista Science City will be most active in WP4 as WPL and WP5. Kista Science City will also take an active role in the internationalization of the results as well as in dissemination of the results.

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Article written by Kista Science City