Regional development

The Kista Science City region is constantly growing. During the coming years more than 35 000 homes and work spaces for around 50 000 people are planned in the surrounding areas.

Järfälla Municipality

Järfälla has been nominated as Stockholm’s best municipality in terms of public transport and commute. Independent of where you live or work, there is never more than 500 meters to the closest buss or train stop. Read more about Järfälla.


Barkabystaden is currently one the busiest expansion areas in the Stockholm region. In only 10 years a completey new city with 10 000 new homes and 10 000 new work places will be created. Barkabystaden will contain all the amenities that creates a good standard of living such as homes, work places, schools, culture and other services. Barkabystaden will be a sustainable city with low energy consumption and great opportunities for a sustainable lifestyle. Read more about Barkabystaden


Söderdalen is a new city area, located next to the beautiful Bällstaån in Järfälla. During the next couple of years, this obsolete industrial area is remade into fifteen residential areas with 1 250 homes. In Söderdalen you live together with nature, but with a close distance to all ammenities in Jakobsbergs centrum. The commute to Söderdalen is easy with public transport, bicyle and public transport. Read more about about Söderdalen

Sollentuna Municipality

There is a forward looking, positive belief in Sollentuna. Currently the municipality is going through enormous development with the Sollentuna Centre being completely redeveloped to enhance attractiveness and modernity. The municipality has a wonderful nature reserve, Järvafältet with its beauty and natural rural setting and the Rösjö area with bathing and camping opportunities that encourage outdoor activities. Read more about Sollentuna.

Sundbyberg Municipality

Sundbyberg is the second most densely populated municipality in the country and yet, it is near to green areas, lakes, parks and cafés. Five underground subway stations, long distance trains, a commuter train, buses, and a well-built road system make it easy to get to and from Sundbyberg. In about 10 to 20 minutes you can get to Stockholm city. Read more about Sundbyberg.

Solna Municipality

Solna is a city of the future in the making, enjoying a unique position between the tranquillity of the Royal National City Park and the pulse of a major city. Solna offers attractive housing, successful businesses, excellent communications, first-class public services and a rich range of culture and sports. Solna is a city that has experienced strong growth. In 2012, its population grew by just under two per cent. This development is expected to continue. By 2020, the target is to have at least 90 000 residents. Read more about Solna.

Article written by Kista Science City