Kista Grows

Kista is not only a hotspot when it comes to ICT, but also in terms of property investment. The City of Stockholm is busy planning for 4 000 new homes in the Kista area, the majority of them in Kista Science City. Kista is increasingly becoming a mix of a dense and sustainable part of the greater Stockholm area. 

The vacancy rate is low in Kista’s most attractive areas. During the last few years, many companies have relocated from Stockholm city center to obtain better office space at a lower rental cost. Companies from neighboring municipalities, such as Upplands Väsby and Sollentuna, are also reallocating to Kista for modern office spaces.

Planning for the future

Several of the larger real estate owners in Kista CBD plan to, within the next five years, make large investments in their property portfolio. Most of these investments concern energy efficiency, modernizing office space, and opening up facades to make them more visible from a street point of view.


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Urban Development

Kista was built around 40 years ago and the area has with time gained a high reputation, both in Sweden and globally. Since 2010 there are several planning and construction project undergoing in order Kista to further develop the area.The development Read more

Regional development

The Kista Science City region is constantly growing. During the coming years more than 35 000 homes and work spaces for around 50 000 people are planned in Read more


Stockholm county is a popular region and the city is constantly expanding, both in size and activities.

During the last few years the population within the county borders has increased with 30 000 to 40 000 on an annual basis. Read more

Article written by Kista Science City