Kista makeover – work with the new structural plan has been initiated!

The physical planning for Kista Science City is largely based on a structural plan from the beginning of the 00s. Since then a lot has happened, and even more is planned. Thousands of households will be built, the tramline will be drawn through Kista and large areas of land made available along with the E4 freeway when the power lines are buried.

Therefore, Kista Science City and the Stockholm Municipality has taken a joint initiative to update the strategies and the structure plan that apply to the area. Pilot studies have already been initiated and as of 7th of September, I met representatives from the property owners, public sector and industry in Kista for a start-up meeting were critical problems and working methods were discussed.

For the next few years we will see how large parts of Kista Science City is being rebuilt. We now have a chance to get a much needed mix of housing into the central business district. The goal is still to create a more attractive place to live and work in.

The work will continue during the coming year. For more information contact me at

/Johan Ödmark, CEO

Article written by Naod Abera