Kista Interacts

Kista Science City has a long tradition of working according to what is popularly referred to as the triple helix model, which is a collaboration between business, academia, and the public sector. Together, they manage projects to promote and develop one of the world’s leading ICT clusters – Kista Science City.

Kista Science City AB (KSCAB) is the operative entity if the triple helix in Kista. KSCAB creates alliances, maintains process and networks, initiates support projects that join together business, academia and the public sector. At the moment KSC is engaged in a number of national as well as international projects such as Urban ICT Arena, KSC2045, UPSIDE and Kista Commute.

Urban ICT Arena


The aim of UPSIDE (User-driven Participatory Solutions for Innovation in Digitally-centred Ecosystems) is to foster the convergence of the digital research and innovation agendas and to foster societal benefits. It does so by promoting the development of cooperation frameworks and synergy Read more

Past projects

Kista Commute

Kista Commute is a network led by Kista Science City with Ericsson AB, IBM, Swedish AB Atea AB, Microsoft AB, CGI Sweden AB, Stockholm city, Trafikverket, SLL Traffic Administration (SL), the County Administrative Board of Stockholm, KTH, Vasakronan AB, Read more

Article written by Kista Science City