Kista Commute

Kista Commute is a network led by Kista Science City with Ericsson AB, IBM, Swedish AB Atea AB, Microsoft AB, CGI Sweden AB, Stockholm city, Trafikverket, SLL Traffic Administration (SL), the County Administrative Board of Stockholm, KTH, Vasakronan AB, Klövern AB, AtriumLjungberg AB, Brostaden AB Sunfleet Carsharing AB and Flygbussarna AB. The network aims to reduce transport environmental impact while making everyday commute easier and smarter. The network works methodically to develop and follow up action plans to ensure that the choices that companies are making reaches the desired effects. The network organizes seminars and member meetings and reviews well-known as well as not yet proven methods and solutions for more sustainable travel. Over the years Kista Commute has taken a closer look at the range of cycle parking, bike sharing, Park & Ride facilities (infastsparkeringar)  with associated direct bus routes, car sharing, car pooling and more. Kista Commute has studied in the region’s plans for long-term infrastructure investments as well as tax rules. The network’s open and generous cooperation creates a positive atmosphere where benchmarking between all companies including internal competitions has been one of the most effective measures for changes in travel.

Article written by Kista Science City