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Kista Science City is a dynamic ecosystem generated through a collaboration between the public sector, business and academia.

Kista is a creative melting pot where companies, researchers, and students collaborate in order to develop and grow. The high presence of ICT companies, combined with a large number of research institutions, two universities and a high level of engagement from The City of Stockholm, results in a unique platform for collaboration within the framework of the triple helix model. This model of cooperation, often referred to as “the Kista model”, has been in operation for 30 years and plays a crucial role in Kista Science City’s identity and traditions.

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No one should miss out on the great commitment, tradition of networking and knowledge sharing available in Kista Science City. To become a part of this big community in Kista Science City – join a professional network. There are several professional networks in Kista Science City, all divided into private, public and academia.

Public Networks

The Stockholm City Executive Office

The Executive Office is the municipal administration. The office assists the municipal government with their responsibility to efficiently manage and coordinate the entire municipal operation. Kista Science City AB has well-established relations with the City Read more

Public private networks

Stockholm IT Region

Stockholm IT Region is a collaborative project run by a number of public and private groups aimed at further strengthening the competitiveness of the ICT industry in Stockholm region.

Stockholm IT Region operates as work groups and focuses Read more

Business Networks


#kistamingel is a combined network and event, which consists of all Kista Friends, approximately 1000 individuals from research, business and public areas within the Kista Science City Region. Between two-four times a year KSCAB invites all to an evening mingle Read more

Academic Networks

The Royal Institute of Technology in Kista

The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) offers education and research opportunities within all the areas that make up the information society of today – everything from nanophysics to end user benefits. Every educational unit at the Read more

Article written by Kista Science City