The Electrum Foundation

The Electrum Foundation is active in issues concerning higher ICT education, global growth and innovation. It develops dynamic business environments, education and scientific environments at the forefront of international research and urban environments, with attractive and efficient infrastructures, jobs, services, trade, culture and leisure. 

The Electrum Foundation Board consists of representatives from business (Ericsson, IBM and real estate owners), academia (KTH, Stockholm University and Swedish ICT) and the public sector (the City of Stockholm, Stockholm County Council and County Administrative Board), a true representation of the triple helix model.

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The Electrum Foundation Board

, VP, Industry and Research Relations, Ericsson AB (Chairman)
, Mayor of City of Stockholm (Vice Chairman)
, Financial County Commissioner, Stockholm Count Council
, CEO, IBM Svenska AB
, Principal, KTH
, CEO, Swedish ICT Research
, Real Estate Represenative

Deputy Board Members

, CEO, Stockholm Business Region
, Dean, KTH, School of ICT
, Dean, Stockholm University, Dep. Computer and System Sciences

Adjoint Board Members

, Dep County Administrative Board
, CEO, Electrum Foundation


Article written by Kista Science City