Inauguration of Urban ICT Arena 28th November.

Inauguration of Urban ICT Arena 28th November.

The Minister of Enterprise, Mikael Damberg will inaugurate Urban ICT Arena as part of Testbed Sweden in the Electrum Building on 28th november. Get the chance to mingle with ICT experts, learn about exiting projects and get inspired by new ideas. Click here to get your seat!

Kista makeover – work with the new structural plan has been initiated!

The physical planning for Kista Science City is largely based on a structural plan from the beginning of the 00s. Since then a lot has happened, and even more is planned. Thousands of households will be built, the tramline will be drawn through Kista and large areas of land made available along with the E4 […]

lena stromberg profilbild

Welcome Lena Strömberg!

There is a lot being done within the scientific environment in the open and cross-border environment in Kista Science City. But we can be much better at creating synergies and simply tell what is happening. Therefore, we have initiated a collaboration with Lena Strömberg, Conligo. She will together with academies, institutes, companies and other research-driven […]