Kista Science City has for the last few years shown great growth numbers regarding the number of companies established in the area, the number of work opportunities created, as well as in generated revenue. In comparison to the country as a whole the growth is impressively strong.

The ICT industry is central to Kista Science City

  • Approximately 15% of all companies situated in Kista Science City are ICT-companies.
  • Around 30% of everyone working in Kista Science City, works in the ICT business.
  • The ICT industry represents about 40% of the total turnover all amongst all business in Kista Science City

The ICT business in Kista Science City is divided as following: ICT-services 77%, ICT wholesales businesses 19%, ICT production 4%.

The job engine Kista Science City

  • When three jobs are created in the city of Stockholm, six jobs are created in Kista Science City
  • In Kista Science City the number of workplaces increased by 96 percent between 2007 and 2013. During the same time period the number of workplaces in Sweden at large increased by 18 percent.
  • In comparison to Sweden as a whole, the growth in number of job opportunities has been five times larger in Kista CBD and more than three times bigger in Kista Science City.
  • Compared to the capital of Stockholm, the number of people working has increased twice as much in Kista CBD than it has in the Stockholm County, and Kista Science City has enjoyed a stronger growth than both Stockholm County and the City of Stockholm.

Turnover of ICT companies in Kista Science City 2013

  • In 2013 ICT companies in the Kista Science City
    had a combined turnover of 53 billion SEK
  • The Kista Region had a total turnover of 137 billion SEK in 2013 (exl. VAT and retail).
  • The ICT companies made up an impressive 40 percent of this total turnover – 53 billion SEK (exl. VAT).
  • In Kista Science City 50 ICT companies alone make up a turnover exceeding 100 million SEK per year.

ICT research and development

  • The Kista Science City area accommodates 36 different R&D institutions in total.
  • About 50 workplaces’ main activity is research and development within ICT.

Article written by Kista Science City