Business Networks


#kistamingel is a combined network and event, which consists of all Kista Friends, approximately 1000 individuals from research, business and public areas within the Kista Science City Region. Between two-four times a year KSCAB invites all to an evening mingle session where everyone can network in a relaxed environment.

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The Kista Entrepreneurs Network

The businesses in Kista are connected by a network administered by Kista Entrepreneurs Network. The Network aims to bring together all small and mid-large companies that are start-ups or established ones in the ICT area Kista. The membership in this network is free of charge for all companies. We strive to get all our events sponsored and keep it free for the members of the community.

Real Estate Owners in Kista

The real estate owners in Kista have joined together in a network that is run by Kista Science City AB. The network meets up to six times per year. At the moment Kista Science City AB is conducting a survey amongst the real estate owners to find out what their investment plans are for current buildings in the area for the next five years. Kista Science City AB is also working together with real estate owners to develop and design a business model for the network’s future collaboration.

Real estate owners in Kista are looking to participate in digital development projects with a focus on energy saving, smart grids, smart housing and similar.

The Stockholm Startup Scene

Kista Science City is well connected to the Startup Scene in Stockholm and in Kista. One start up community that Kista Science City works particularly close with is STING AB. STING AB has its headquarters in Kista and is a subsidiary company to Kista Science City AB. In addition to STING, there are several other communities for startups in close proximity to Kista.

Article written by Kista Science City