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Find us – map

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You will find us at Nod-huset, Borgarfjordsgatan 12 in Kista.

If you come by subway or train check this map for walking directions.

If you come by car you might find parking on the back side of the building. If that parking is full then it’s usually easiest to find parking in the large garage under the shopping mall Kista Galleria.

Kista Grows

Kista Grows

Kista is not only a hotspot when it comes to ICT, but also in terms of property investment. The City of Stockholm is busy planning for 4 000 new homes in the Kista area, the majority of them in Kista Science City. Kista is increasingly becoming a mix of a dense and sustainable part of […]



How Kista Science City became one of the world’s leading ICT clusters. Kista Science City is an innovation cluster where industry, academia and the public sector in 1986 got together and formed the Electrum Foundation. The aim was to make the region a world-leading center for electronics research. In the 1990s it became obvious that excellence […]

Kista interacts

Kista Interacts

Kista Science City has a long tradition of working according to what is popularly referred to as the triple helix model, which is a collaboration between business, academia, and the public sector. Together, they manage projects to promote and develop one of the world’s leading ICT clusters – Kista Science City. Kista Science City AB (KSCAB) is the […]

Kista Science City

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Kista Science City is the largest Information and Communication Technology (ICT) cluster in Europe and the third largest ICT cluster in the world. Kista Science City, or the Nordic Silicon Valley as it is also called, is the home of more than 1,000 ICT companies and the birthplace of wireless communication technologies such as NMT, GSM, […]

Businesses in Kista

Kista Science City continues to increase in popularity amongst ICT-companies in Sweden. More and more companies move here due to proven strong local growth, modern office buildings with energy optimization and low rental costs that in turn provide companies with bigger office spaces. Many of the larger ICT-companies regard Kista Science City as a living ecosystem and consider it an important […]

Stockholm Innovation & Growth AB

Since 2002 Stockholm Innovation & Growth AB (STING) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Electrum Foundation. It is a business incubator that enables talented people to turn their ideas into sustainable businesses. STING offers qualified coaching in business development, a business angel network, a venture capital fund, a recruitment service and an international network of investors, business contacts […]

Kista Science City AB

Since 1999 Kista Science City AB (KSCAB) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Electrum Foundation and an operative, non-profit organization with the mission to promote and develop the Kista Science City region. KSCAB strive for making Kista Science City a place where people and business can continue to develop. KSCAB’s focus is encouraging strong cooperation between business, academia […]

The Electrum Foundation

The Electrum Foundation is active in issues concerning higher ICT education, global growth and innovation. It develops dynamic business environments, education and scientific environments at the forefront of international research and urban environments, with attractive and efficient infrastructures, jobs, services, trade, culture and leisure.  The Electrum Foundation Board consists of representatives from business (Ericsson, IBM and real estate owners), […]

Public private networks

Stockholm IT Region Stockholm IT Region is a collaborative project run by a number of public and private groups aimed at further strengthening the competitiveness of the ICT industry in Stockholm region. Stockholm IT Region operates as work groups and focuses on the following strategic areas: Ensuring access to a qualified skills base. Ensuring access […]


Stockholm county is a popular region and the city is constantly expanding, both in size and activities. During the last few years the population within the county borders has increased with 30 000 to 40 000 on an annual basis. In order to sustain this prosperous development and growth, the area requires a well-functioning infrastructure, which […]

Kista Commute

Kista Commute is a network led by Kista Science City with Ericsson AB, IBM, Swedish AB Atea AB, Microsoft AB, CGI Sweden AB, Stockholm city, Trafikverket, SLL Traffic Administration (SL), the County Administrative Board of Stockholm, KTH, Vasakronan AB, Klövern AB, AtriumLjungberg AB, Brostaden AB Sunfleet Carsharing AB and Flygbussarna AB. The network aims to […]

Regional development

The Kista Science City region is constantly growing. During the coming years more than 35 000 homes and work spaces for around 50 000 people are planned in the surrounding areas. Järfälla Municipality Järfälla has been nominated as Stockholm’s best municipality in terms of public transport and commute. Independent of where you live or work, […]

Urban Development

Kista was built around 40 years ago and the area has with time gained a high reputation, both in Sweden and globally. Since 2010 there are several planning and construction project undergoing in order Kista to further develop the area.The development is much in line with the City of Stockholm’s vision where Kista is pointed out as an […]

Upside logo


The aim of UPSIDE (User-driven Participatory Solutions for Innovation in Digitally-centred Ecosystems) is to foster the convergence of the digital research and innovation agendas and to foster societal benefits. It does so by promoting the development of cooperation frameworks and synergy linkages between research, innovation activities within the SME’s as well as open innovation, urban development policies […]

Urban ICT Arena

Urban ICT Arena is an open testbed and co-creation arena in Kista where digitization can be devloped, tested and displayed in an urban environment. In this arena, new and innovative partnerships can evolve and flourish, furthering the development of the Stockholm Region and Kista Science City. The overall goals to be achieved within the Urban ICT Arena […]

Academic Networks

The Royal Institute of Technology in Kista The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) offers education and research opportunities within all the areas that make up the information society of today – everything from nanophysics to end user benefits. Every educational unit at the KTH Kista campus is focused on ICT. This allows for a great exchange of knowledge between […]

Business Networks

#kistamingel #kistamingel is a combined network and event, which consists of all Kista Friends, approximately 1000 individuals from research, business and public areas within the Kista Science City Region. Between two-four times a year KSCAB invites all to an evening mingle session where everyone can network in a relaxed environment. Don’t miss out! Register here to […]

Public Networks

The Stockholm City Executive Office The Executive Office is the municipal administration. The office assists the municipal government with their responsibility to efficiently manage and coordinate the entire municipal operation. Kista Science City AB has well-established relations with the City Executive Office, both in the IT-department and the Directors Administration. The Executive Office has even […]

Professional Visits

Kista Science City AB hosts visits in Kista on a regular basis. We offer a 2,5 hour introductory seminar and guided walk which introduces topics such as: – History of Kista Science City, how it all started. – The triple helix cooperation structure; Business-, Academic and Public sector cooperation. – The challenges in the ICT-sector. – […]


Kista Science City has for the last few years shown great growth numbers regarding the number of companies established in the area, the number of work opportunities created, as well as in generated revenue. In comparison to the country as a whole the growth is impressively strong. The ICT industry is central to Kista Science City Approximately 15% of all […]

Education & Research

Kista accommodates two university campuses: Stockholm University and its Department of Computer and Systems Sciences and the Royal Institute of Technology’s School of Information and Communication Technology. In addition Kista hosts Stockholm Science & Innovation School, a word class public highschool run in collaboration with selected global business, as well as KTH and Stockholm University. Kista is also located […]

Join Kista

Join Kista

Kista Science City is a dynamic ecosystem generated through a collaboration between the public sector, business and academia. Kista is a creative melting pot where companies, researchers, and students collaborate in order to develop and grow. The high presence of ICT companies, combined with a large number of research institutions, two universities and a high level of engagement from The City […]

Stockholm Innovation & Growth – Contact

Stockholm Innovation & Growth AB (STING) is a business incubator that enables talented people to turn their ideas into sustainable businesses. STING offers qualified coaching in business development, a business angel network, a venture capital fund, a recruitment service and an international network of investors, business contacts and experts. STING AB’s vision is to be […]

Kista Science City – Contact

Johan Ödmark CEO *protected email* +46 (0)70 781 19 70 Petra Dalunde COO Urban ICT Arena *protected email* +46 (0)704 15 92 09 Henrik Larsson Project Manager Kista i Samverkan *protected email* +46 70 869 68 28 Åke Lindström ICT Development Director *protected email* +46 (0)705 85 15 74 Chira Kakabas Project Manager *protected email* […]

The Electrum Foundation – Contact

The Electrum Board is a true representation of the triple helix structure and includes the City of Stockholm’s mayor, representatives from Stockholm Business Region, Ericsson, Swedish ICT Research, IBM, the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Stockholm University. Click here for the full list of board members. Johan Ödmark CEO *protected email* +46 (0)70 781 […]