Academic Networks

The Royal Institute of Technology in Kista

The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) offers education and research opportunities within all the areas that make up the information society of today – everything from nanophysics to end user benefits. Every educational unit at the KTH Kista campus is focused on ICT. This allows for a great exchange of knowledge between educational programs and great sense of community around the campus. The KTH Kista campus is within close proximity to any amenities you may need. Its modern facilities are open 24/7 for all students and researchers. Learn more about KTH

Stockholm University in Kista

The department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV) is a part of Stockholm University. DSV is the oldest Information Technology (IT) department in Sweden, with its roots back in the 1960s. Its pleasant campus holds around 5,500 students from all around the world, which contributes to its highly intellectual and international atmosphere. The DVS campus is within close proximity to the Kista shopping mall (Kista Galleria) with lots of restaurants, shopping, a cinema with several movie theaters, a go kart track as well as student accommodations, a modern library and public transport. Learn more about DSV 



Article written by Kista Science City