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Home of incredibly creative people, world leading businesses and research within the digital realm.
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Thomas Andersson

CEO Electrum Foundation & Kista Science City AB
+46 (0)729 69 68 50

Therese Ronnevi

+46 (0)707 71 92 00

Åke Lindström

Project Director
+46 (0)705 85 15 74

Tomas Bennich

Project Director
+46 (0)709 16 06 76

Mattias Escudero Liljeqvist

Project Manager
+46 (0)704 95 69 69

Rega Kakabas

Project Manager
+46 (0)723 32 22 80

Chira Kakabas

Project Assistant
+46 (0)763 11 72 00

The City

Kista Science City is a creative melting pot in Stockholm where companies, researchers and students collaborate in order to develop and grow. The foremost sector in Kista is ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Figures show that few places on the planet can demonstrate the same high concentration of expertise, innovation and business opportunities within ICT. Explore our 3D-world for a deeper insight in what Kista Science City can offer you and your business.

Our Organisation

Kista Science City AB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Electrum Foundation and an operative, non-profit organisation. We strive for making Kista Science City a place where people and business can continue to develop. Our focus is encouraging strong cooperation between business, academia and the public sector in order to ensure continued growth in Kista Science City.

Our World

The 3D-world is created to give you a deeper understanding of Kista Science City. Our aim is to provide as much updated real-time information about the region as possible – on job openings, businesses and services. The 3D-world is both a helping hand for those who already are in Kista Science City and those who want to study, work or establish businesses in the region.

The 3D-world of Kista Science City as created on the platform Unity – one of the worlds leading game engines. This means that you need to download an app, or plugin, to experience the 3D-world. Click on ”Dive Into our World” above, follow the installation steps and then refresh the website.

If you have any problems or questions about the 3d-world, please contact us at: